"I love this balm for many reasons, including the fact that the ingredients are clean, raw, and naturally sourced. It makes me feel like I can use it for anything and for everyone in my family. I use it on my face at night, on my hands throughout the day, and on dry areas, such as feet and elbows. A little bit goes a long way, and my skin still feels moisturized in the morning when I apply it at night. I keep it right on my bedside table!"
- Jen
"I’ve been using CKB Balm for over a year and absolutely love it. While I originally purchased as a gift for myself, I’ve also found it to be the perfect solution for my kids chapped lips, hands and cheeks during winter months. The texture and luxurious scent are such a treat, and knowing the ingredients and processing are both sustainable and chemical-free gives me peace of mind. I cant recommend this product enough - thank you CKB!!"
- Andrea
"I love my holistic balm! My skin gets extremely parched in the wintertime and this balm has been a game changer for my sensitive skin. Clean ingredients matter to me and this one checks all the boxes"
- Julie
"I discovered holistic balm during ski season when my whole family was drying out overnight in old condo heat systems - not to mention mountain air. Hands, feet, and nails were a no brainer, but I was hesitant to use it on my face with sensitive skin. To my surprise, I eventually ended up going for it - with full face overnight - which made for a wonderfully moisturized morning! Love this for all family members."
- Bridget
"This balm is a must have in my skin care routine! Since using the serum, my face has become softer and more hydrated, and it gives my skin a brightness I have never had before. I appreciate the softness of the serum, that it’s packed full of vitamins, and is very lightweight. It leaves my skin nourished and happy!"
- Laura
"I absolutely love my CKB Holistic Skincare balm. I apply it to my face and body morning and night. It hydrates my skin like no other moisturizer or balm; leaving my skin silky and hydrated without feeling greasy. I have very sensitive dry skin and this balm is so gentle and calming. When I wake up in the morning my skin is well hydrated and dewy. I apply a dime size amount on my face in the morning then dab a little on my lips and I’m ready to start my day. I know that only the purest form of organic ingredients are going into my skincare routine with CKB balm. The light natural fragrance puts me in a zen-like state every night before bed. When I’m feeling stress and tension in my body; I also use it to massage into my muscles. The balm melts like butter into my skin leaving me feeling relaxed, calm and ready for a blissful night sleep. I am so impressed with the overall quality and pureness of CKB Holistic Skincare balm. I know that its natural and pure ingredients are safe, for not only my skin, but my family’s as well."
"I absolutely love this balm!! It makes your skin feel so soft and protects it from drying out. Perfect for cold winter months. It has a nice fresh but not overwhelming scent. And I especially love that it’s made from natural, organic ingredients I feel good about using on my skin and also my baby’s. Fantastic product!"
"I was lucky enough to be one of the first users of the balm and it came at a time when I was really looking to revamp the cleanliness of the products my family uses on a daily basis. My tween daughter is suddenly very into skincare, and I love knowing that everything going on (and into) our skin is nontoxic and uber nourishing. The bonus is how wonderfully luxurious CKB Holistic Balm applies, and how supple and soft our skin always feels after using. It has a wonderfully grounding, earthy scent that always feels like a small indulgent moment for myself when I use it! As a preschool teacher, I am constantly washing my hands and have tried some of the highest-end products on the market to keep them from being cracked and dry- especially in the winter months- and this balm is hands-down the best at keeping them feeling soft and hydrated. This is now a holy grail product for my family, including my husband, who was never one to moisturize, but now put on his face and body religiously after getting out of the shower. Try it and you’ll be a customer for life!"
"I have been using CKB holistic balm for almost a year and love it! It hydrates my skin so well without irritating it. I wake up and my skin is still moisturized from the night before. It is a perfect night cream! It has become a staple of my skincare routine. With so many expensive creams out there- you can’t beat the price point and quality of the product"
"The Healing Balm is an indulgent treat for my skin! One small swipe of balm softens into my palm with just a few swirls and covers a great deal of skin. The moisture soaks in and is long-lasting without being greasy, so it's great for my face, body and also my hands and feet. I absolutely love the way it smells- natural with hints of fragrance, yet not overpowering. Even my husband will use it, but I hide it from him to save more for myself!"
"I love this stuff! I rub it on my dry feet, my kids bodies (so good after the pool) and use it as an all purpose body moisturizer. Smells great, feels great, no synthetic fragrances. Highly recommend!!"
"My family loves the Holistic Balm! We keep a jar right by the kitchen sink, and in the dry winter months this is the only moisturizer that truly works. I was also super excited to gift my sister the balm at her baby shower as I know each product is so carefully formulated with products you can feel good about using. She loves it too! I highly recommend CKB products!"
"We use the balm throughout the year! My kids have very sensitive skin and it always does the trick - chapped lips, cracked hands, etc. Love that it's all natural and made by a mom - moms know best!"
"I am obsessed with CKB Balm! I’m at an age where I crave good moisturizer. Even a small amount of CKB Balm melts into your skin, but at the same time feels like a luxurious, healthy shield. I love that it’s made with all raw and organic ingredients, and has a natural, lovely scent. You only need a small amount and it feels so rich and soothing."
"I can't recommend this product enough. I use it every morning and evening and my skin feels hydrated all day, even throughout the winter. It smells amazing and easily absorbs into my skin. Throughout years of working in the spa industry, I have tried hundreds of products and this is the one I keep going back to. I love that the ingredients are super clean and transparent, so I feel confident using it both on myself and my kids"
"As a woman in my 60’s I am happy, relieved, & grateful this balm exists. I previously used Oil of Olay products for years, but when I found CKB Holistic Balm, I upgraded and never looked back! My skin feels and looks better than it has in years!"