About Us

Inspired by my quest for the best skincare on earth, my passion for natural remedies, and the love of my growing family, I formed CKB Holistic Skincare in the spring of 2023. As a recovering ‘skincare product junkie’, I was always trying everything on the market in the quest to obtain gorgeous skin - some I loved, and some not so much. Through the years, my routine has evolved to be simplified and streamlined, primarily with the products that I create.

When we had our first baby, I wanted to put only the best on his young skin and found nothing on the market that I felt good about. Everything either contained chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrance, or ingredients I could not even pronounce or it was wildly expensive. So I thought, what the heck - I’ll make my own! I learned as much as I could and made a simple organic, shea butter based balm that my husband and I would melt in our hands and massage all over our first baby, and in the 2 years that followed, our second and third. I remember having them all lined up after their baths to get the balm on their sweet little faces and bodies and feeling so good about what was going on their skin. I started to think about the healing benefits of the balm and played with it until I had something that I was excited to use myself (even my husband uses it now!). We all want to look and feel our best, and that starts with self care rituals and the products we apply to our skin, the scents we breathe in while doing so, and the confidence in knowing that we are taking good care of ourselves. I created the universal holistic balm to benefit my children’s young skin as well as my own aging skin, but also to give myself peace of mind in knowing what was in our products. And now I want to share that with all of you.

Our Ingredients

We meticulously source the highest-quality, vegan, certified organic, and wild harvested ingredients without any toxins or fillers. Handcrafted in small batches with integrity and care, each product delivers powerful concentrations of functional plant actives that are known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. From seed to the jar in your hands, my commitment to delivering the most nutritious and effective nutrition for the skin begins with the choices I make in sourcing our ingredients.

Our Philosophy

Skincare should be an indulgent, enjoyable ritual that yields holistic benefit to your skin and your well-being, which are intrinsically connected. Exceptional skin comes from not only what we put on it, but also what we eat and how we care for ourselves every day. It is a lifestyle. Our skin is our largest, most visible organ and is often reflective of our self care rituals and our emotional well-being. We create products that are of exceptional quality, purity, and value that benefit the mind, body, and soul. The physical benefits to the skin come from the nutrient dense, raw, organic ingredients we use in our products, and the benefits to the mind come from the soothing, therapeutic organic essential oils we use, along with the comfort of knowing that you are doing something good for yourself. In a world where chemical fillers and artificial preservatives are rampant, you can rest assured that our products contain all of the good plant power for beautiful skin with none of the chemicals so that you can better take care of yourself and the people you love.