Unveiling Clean Skincare

Unveiling Clean Skincare

Family and Great Skin Are the Heart of CKB Holistic Skincare's Transparent Approach

I am so excited about the launch of our website!  Thank you all for being here.  I’ll be publishing blogs regularly and hope you find them enjoyable and informative.  I encourage interaction and feedback and would love to hear what topics you all want to see in these posts.

For the first one, let’s talk about ‘clean skincare’ and what that means.  It’s all the rage right now in the beauty industry, but with greenwashing and tricky marketing, we as consumers must stay vigilant and read labels if truly clean skincare is a priority.  I liken it to food.  When I go to the grocery store I see ‘organic’, ‘natural’, ‘clean’, ‘zero sugar’, and so many other buzz words that lead me to believe these products that are being marketed are good for me.  Often, with a closer look at the ingredients, I find chemicals, artificial sweeteners, highly processed ingredients, artificial flavors (disguised as ‘natural flavors’, and artificial colors).  The same can be said for the skincare industry.  Buzzwords like ‘naturally derived’, ‘cruelty free’, ‘sustainable’, and ‘clean’ are abundant, but when I read the ingredients, there are many I cannot even pronounce and most of them were created in a lab, rather than used in their purest form.  Currently, the European Union bans more than 1,300 ingredients from use in cosmetics (though many would rarely be found in personal care items). In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration bans 11 cosmetic ingredients.  This gives many brands carte blanche to define clean beauty according to their own agendas and market it accordingly.  Which begs the question, does clean really mean anything?

As I grow older - and wiser, and nurture my young family, it is a priority for me to provide all of us with food and skincare products that contain nutritious, whole ingredients that will benefit our minds and bodies.    Not to mention, keep our immune systems in top shape (especially this time of year!).  My mission with CKB Holistic Skincare is to provide my own family, as well as yours, with transparent, nutritious, and nourishing products that will ease your mind and invigorate your senses, and unveil your skin's health and radiance.  My balm is a super food for your skin, packed with whole vitamins, antioxidants, and restorative properties and is far better than anything you will find in synthetic or chemically engineered form. 

From a holistic standpoint, we all consume toxins every day- from cleaning products and personal care, to the food we ingest and the laundry detergent we use, and, of course, the environment we’re in.  These all add up over the days, weeks, months, and years that we consume these damaging elements.  The goal is not to be perfect, but be mindful in the products we choose for ourselves and our families, as doing so can greatly decrease our exposure to toxins.

I hope you enjoy our carefully crafted products, and I urge you to advocate for yourself and be vigilant in reading the labels of the things you and your family consume.  Small changes over time can make a big difference.  We formulate each and every one of our products (there is only one now, but there are more coming!), with integrity and family wellness at the heart.

XO, Christie

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